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A few of the features of our
Horizontal Weigh Hopper / Blender System

Horizontal Weigh Hopper:

No additional floor space. Because this weigh hopper is mounted directly over the mixer, and does not require an additional dry transfer blower, this system enables you to have better floor plan than traditional layouts.

Incredibly fast transfer time. The bottom of the weigh hopper is made of two large doors which open to a completely vertical position, allowing the 100% of the foam to simply drop into the mixer.

b The total moving parts are four bearings and two air cylinders. Because this system eliminates one blower, a run of duct work, all motors, and all gearboxes, there is virtually nothing left to maintain.

Cleaner Plant. Because this hopper is enclosed by our dust reducing steel wall system, and either features its own cyclone dust separator, or is vented back to the hopper bag house, it greatly contributes to keeping your plant clean.

Horizontal Blend Tank:

This machine comes with two ribbon augers with a surface speed of 1000 fpm and a forward travel of 400 fpm. This speed translates into the following benefits:

Virtually eliminates binder knots. Because binder is injected over a larger area, and over foam that is moving much faster, there have been virtually no problems with clumping or saturation of foam particles.  This even distribution of binder will minimize binder usage.

Faster binder injection. You can easily transfer binder at 3 to 4 times the speed of other systems.  Average injection rate is 1 kg/second.

Reduced Mix Time. Not only is binder injection time reduced, but the time required to mix the binder after injection is substantially reduced, usually 30 seconds.

Fast Discharge. This machine comes with two discharge doors. With the augers moving at 1000 fpm and dumping through two doors, transfer times are far less than other systems.

This machine not only saves you money in production, but in cleanup and maintenance as well. Clean up is much faster, easier, safer, and less frequent than in vertical blenders.




Forthcoming Exhibitions

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ISPA 2016
9th - 12th March 2016
Orlando, Florida USA

Bed Show 2016
20-21 September 2016
Telford, England