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A few of the features of our
Lamination Line

Eagle Machine Design, Inc. offers many options for lamination lines. While we have our standard, “preferred” line, our numerous options allow each customer to hand pick the machines they desire to achieve their unique product, production, and budgetary needs.

Splicing Options:

Semi-automatic tape splicer— This is the standard machine that has been used by the majority of carpet cushion manufactures for years.

Fully automatic tape splicer— This system controls both the log let off and splicing units. Designed to be as “hands-off” as possible, it feeds the ends to the saw, cuts and removes the ends, pulls the tape, seals the joint, and begins to feed. An operator must be present to insure quality, replace tape rolls, and monitor the feed speeds, but the machine does remove one person, achieves straighter splices, and enables the operator to do a better job of quality control without slowing down the line.


Gravity fed decline J-Box— This is the standard roll bed style J box that has been used for years throughout the industry. It can be made to any length needed to fit various production and floor space requirements.

Flat, belt fed accumulator— This machine folds the material with 100% uniformity and carries it on five strip belts to the other end without problems. It is especially helpful in front of the Wind Up machine because it feeds the material straight, resulting in uniform roll ends.


Electric Laminator— Our electric laminator features a single central heating element. This unit has many advantages over the hot oil units. They are much quieter and cleaner. Because there is no oil pump, rotary unions and because the bearings run much cooler, maintenance costs are significantly reduced while improving safety. The one disadvantage of the electric laminator is that the heat on the drum is not as uniform as with hot oil units. However, most everyone agrees that it is sufficiently uniform to consistently produce a quality product.
Pictured is a hot oil laminator

Hot Oil Laminator— For those who simply prefer the traditional hot oil laminators, we still produce this model. Our laminator features three 40 kw oil heaters and a high speed pump to deliver and maintain the high temperatures for fast producing lines. The hot oil drum is made with a double wall that keeps the oil flowing across the surface of the drum. This feature enables us to maintain a more uniform temperature across the entire surface.

Wind Up— We feature a dependable, five roll per minute, fully automated wind-up machine. By feeding the material through a fork, this machine starts rolls dependably without the need for an operator to put their hands into the machine. This fork method does not wrinkle the beginning of the roll, and rolls material with nice, uniform ends, allowing you to offer a higher quality product.

Our preferred lamination line includes an automated log let-off and tape splicing station, a 45’ gravity fed J-Box accumulator with attached web guide, an electric laminator, a 3 way adjustable side trim system with a scrap removal fan, a 30’ flat belt fed accumulator, and a fully automated fork style wind up.


Vacuum packaging system— This system comes with a bagging hoop to easily put the inner lining on. And a twin 10 vacuum station. Plastic sleeves are pulled over the vacuum shrunk roll to hold it to size. Roll size reduction of up to 20% is standard.
We can provide curtain wrap machines and end sealers if desired.




Forthcoming Exhibitions

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ISPA 2016
9th - 12th March 2016
Orlando, Florida USA

Bed Show 2016
20-21 September 2016
Telford, England