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A few of the features of our
80” Molding System

Simply put, 80” logs increase your profits. Because of our advancements in blending and transfer times, we can mold 80” logs as fast as any 65” or 70” molds. Because we mold the center hole right into the log, because you do less pre-rounding per net yard of product, and because larger logs enable you to do fewer splices, fall off scrap generation is much less than with smaller molds. Fall off is reduced 1% compared to a 70” mold, 3.2% compared to a 60” mold, and 5.75% compared to a 54” mold.

Expected production for an 80” mold will be based on the following basic assumptions.

An 80” log has 218 cu. ft. Using an average 6# density, 7/16 cut thickness and 35 square yard as an average roll size. We can expect to get 664 sq. yards of product per log. If you estimate 12% fall off, you can package 584 sq. yards. per log. Our system is capable of producing 13 logs per hour. If you average just 10 logs per hour, this nets 5,840 square yards of finished product per hour, or 167 finished rolls per hour, per mold.

In addition to reducing your scrap fall off and increasing your total yards per hour at the mold, your peeler can spend more time cutting and less time reloading. So the total peeled yards per shift increases as well. Savings are also seen at the Splicer. Fewer splices means faster production speeds are achievable on your laminator.

Our guide bearings do not run along the I-beam legs as is customary.  Instead, our design uses 3 1/2" heavy duty V-groove bearings running on machined guide tracks. These tracks should never wear out.

Our mold tube comes with a retainer skirt on top which aids in guiding the foam from the transfer conveyor to the mold. This keeps the entire molding area cleaner and improves the transfer efficiency.

This machine is designed to mold a 5" center hole into the log. This feature reduces scrap losses by eliminating the core and reducing pre-rounding loss at the peeler, as well as increasing production at the peeler.

Our molds and blenders come with extensive catwalk systems to make operation and maintenance safer and easier.

Our de-molding conveyor features a stainless steel core with stainless piping and bottom screen. Like many of our conveyors, this unit features a shaft mounted gearbox. this  reduced maintenance and eliminated guarding.




Forthcoming Exhibitions

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ISPA 2016
9th - 12th March 2016
Orlando, Florida USA

Bed Show 2016
20-21 September 2016
Telford, England