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Polyethylene Foam welding unit type SWS(with welding reflector)

Polyethylene Foam welding unit type SWH (with Hot-Air Pistol)

This is a special unit to be used for safe and dependable welding of Polyethylene foam parts by means of a welding reflector.

Welding Unit Type SWH is a special unit for welding Polyethylene foam parts by means of hot-air pistol.

Thermo Cutting Machine Type SNM

Groover and Profiler Type NPM

Thermo Cutter Model SNM is capable of cutting thermoplastic foam such as Polyethylene foam or Polystyrene hard foam at extremely high speeds, absolutely dust-free.

The groover and profiler model NPM is capable of hotcutting grooves and profiles into thermoplastic foam like for instance Polyethylene foam of Polystyrene hard foam with never heretofore achieved speeds, aimost unlimited shaping, absolutely dustfree.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

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ISPA 2016
9th - 12th March 2016
Orlando, Florida USA

Bed Show 2016
20-21 September 2016
Telford, England