Lamit - Company profile

LAMIT GmbH, Germany,  was established in 1989 and is active worldwide as a machinery manufacturing company. The company develops and manufactures machines for the production of mattresses. Technical emphasis is on semi-and fully automatic Mattress Production Lines for:

  • foam-encapsulated spring mattresses
  • foam-sandwich mattresses
  • flange-type mattresses.

Innovation and ingenuity have lead Lamit to create a successful line of automated systems to increase mattress production while decreasing production cost and operator effort.

Delivery Programme:

Mattress Production Lines with:

  • Hot Melt Bonding Machines applying the adhesive in various patterns (bead/stripes, spray, oscillating, rotating).
  • Roller Bonding Machines applying water based  adhesives by means of roller applicators
  • Polyuethane Bonding Machines applying the adhesive by means of spraying or by large-diameter roller applicators.

Each is sold separately or paired as an automatic system with:

  • Assembly Stations
  • Mattress and Sandwich Presses
  • Handling Robots for feeding, stacking and de-stacking panels and mattresses
  • Logistic Systems

Lamit GmbH understands materials handling technology to mean the optimization of the intra-logistics into tailor-made material flow systems. The products are manufactured according to a modular design principle with a component range which assures a quick and smooth inte-gration into new or already existing systems.


  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Combined roller-belt conveyors
  • Vertical conveyors
  • Rotary tables
  • Transfer stations

All machines/lines are equipped with PLC-Profibus command systems and centralized or decentralized drive solutions with application controllers, etc.
Easy operation is secured by the installation of Operator Panels with menu-guidance on Windows-basis.

Machine and Line Concepts for a daily output of:
* up to 150 mattresses
* up to 250 mattresses
* up to 400 mattresses
* up to 700 mattresses



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