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During 2019 Apropa Machinery celebrated its 65th Anniversary. This marked 65 years of service to individuals, manufacturers and corporations doing business throughout Europe and the world.


Founded in 1954 by Dr. Michael Mayer, the company was established in Poultry, City of London with a principal mission of supplying specialized machinery to the Foam Industry as well as additives for the meat industry. This dual specialization led to the formation of two entities: the first being Jameson Equipment (Trading) Limited, known as JET throughout the industry, which supplied foam machinery and the other being Jameson Equipment Limited which supplied chemicals to the meat industry.


The early 1950s saw the birth of the foam industry and Jameson worked closely with the pioneers of this young industry, working in the UK with British Vita - who were one of the first foam manufacturers - and with Mac. A.King who were one of the first foam converters.


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Suppliers of machinery for the foam, bedding, furniture, insulation and packaging industries.

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We pride ourselves on having nearly 60 years experience offering a personal service to our customers.

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