Desco film wrapping machines are well known for their quality and reliability. Furthermore their customer service is excellent and they have many extremely satisfied customers who will vouch for this.

Desco have extensive know-how in wrapping technology and they will find the best solution for your wrapping requirements. Just let us know what you need to achieve.

With over 100 years’ experience in mechanical engineering Desco have been developing and building film wrapping machines and systems for more than 60 years.

Standard production machines do not provide satisfactory solutions for many film wrapping applications and this is the reason why Desco develop individual solutions to suit customer’s needs. These start from the three standard model series with optimum adaptation of the components to match the products you want to wrap.

Experience and know-how gained from building nearly 2000 ‘custom built’ automatic film wrapping systems give Desco the required expertise.

The up-to-date Desco packing technology has been accepted internationally with over 75% of their machines being exported.

FSP 1000

for packing of carpet tiles or similar products.

FSP 7200 SPP/E

for packing of aluminium profiles.

GAS 1600 C

GAS 1600 for tight packing of insulation boards.

GA 3000 C / 2400

for packing of mattresses.

RUK 2700

for packing and compression of foam rolls in film or paper.
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