Global Engineering Workshop (GEW)

Global engineering workshop ltd was founded in 2007 by Alexander Sauer.


The focus of GEW is on the production of flame laminating machines as well as special solutions and machines for the textile industry. Their services range from consulting, design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning to the assembly and disassembly of all machines and equipment. They are known for flexibility and versatility in their work as well as their innovative and service oriented attitude.


GEW assist you from the beginning to the end of the entire life cycle of a machine.


GEW consider that they have achieved their goal when they are convinced that they have developed the best innovation for you. Take their word for it and give them a challenge.


Flame Lamination

Flame lamination is a process that can be used with textiles to join them to foam and film. The foam surface , by means of a gas flame (approx. 1000 ° C) is melted and can then be laminated to 1 or 2 other materials.


The advantage of flame lamination is the high production speed (up to 60 m / min). The standard width of the machine is 2 m. (Special widths upon request).


3 Coil Laminating machine

Flame lamination plant with accumulator

Laminating roller with burner

Process flame laminating

Buoy laminating machine

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