Kottmann manufacture pallatizers, stackers, milling machines and all types of transportation systems for all types of insulation material. They have an excellent reputation in the foam insulation board industry and have over 30 years experience. All types of special machines can be designed and built to meet customers’ exact requirements.

Cryotempering and Cryofurnaces

Background of the process technology


Of key importance, while hardening Carburised steel to a defined structural constitution, is the precise control of the cooling times and cooling rates. The exact knowledge of the austenite transformation is thereby of great importance. Only with this knowledge is it possible to achieve reproducible characteristic modifications by a direct thermal treatment.

The increased quality demands of your customers more often require you to guarantee (documented) complete or partial removal of the residual austenite. This can be only achieved by a defined cooling within the very low-temperature area. The control of this process and the control of continuous product quality are only possible with a closed chamber, in which the temperature is electronically regulated and reproducible.


Principle of function

The cooling is obtained by gasification of liquid nitrogen (LN2) in a closed chamber. The basket with the load is cooled vertically from the bottom upward.



  • automation according customer needs
  • models up to class 1, according AMS 2750 A, D, E
  • integration into existing production lines (mechanical and electronical to various automation systems via e.g. Profibus/Profinet).
  • loading by various systems possible.
  • can be used as simulation chamber to stress materials thermically by quickly changing temperatures.

Some Highlights

  • fast deep-freezing of heavy batches down to –160°C (more economical than compressor units)
  • gentle tempering to various temperatures up to +650 by integrated heat cartridges.
  • option: tempering with protective gas atmosphere (N2 or H2N2)
  •  By tempering after the deepfreezing, condenseation or icing can be blocked. Safe batch handling is guaranteed
  • Apart from the LN2 and power supply, no additional components are needed



Single machine in a vacuum line at MAN Augsburg


North France, SKF Aeroengines

Batch handling and technology

Taylored, robust, reliable

Your individual quality requirements, in particular tolerances are realized by customized system concepts. Your needs and space requirements are taken into account individually.


  • Low operating costs due to robust, low-maintenance technology
  • Various concepts possible
  • Robust design



  • batch handling tables
  • chain conveyors
  • Roller conveyors
  • 90° transfer
  • turntables
  • batch lifter
  • infeed/outfeed units
  • scales
  • batch loaders

Some Highlights

  • Various concepts possible by standardized components
  • connection to PPS system possible
  • options: safety fences and safety equipment




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